How to Properly Clean and Detain Your Car

Car detailing is a specialized activity that maintains the car’s appearance in its top possible condition, particularly cosmetic, rather than purely mechanical. It also involves repairing small dents and scratches, restoring wax and shine to faded parts, cleaning the car’s upholstery and carpet, repainting it, and inspecting engine functions. All of these activities help the car maintain its factory warranty and original color. Professional auto detailing requires knowledge and experience with cars of varying makes and models, and knowledge of car body repair.

St Petersburg car detailing services deal with every aspect of car detailing. Every vehicle has its own unique set of features and attributes, which make it distinct from other vehicles on the road. Every vehicle has unique visual cues that give away its age and wear, and need to be addressed by a detailer. Every detail has an impact on the customer’s satisfaction level. The ultimate goal of any car detailing service is to ensure that each customer is fully satisfied with his or her car.

St Petersburg car detailers start with an exterior wash. The goal is to remove all exterior contaminants from your vehicle surface, including tar, grease, dirt, pollen, pollution, and salt residue. A high pressure washer blasting clean exterior surfaces helps remove debris and grimy build-up from roads, grease buildup, and mud and dirt from tires and brakes. Professional car detailers use a pressure washer and power sprayer, along with detailing clay and pressure washing equipment for total vehicle cleanliness. After the exterior wash is complete, your car is then prepared for an interior detail.

An interior wash will generally include washing the seats, cleaning carpets and floors, applying floor mats and vinyl protectors, washing the dashboard, and applying window cleaners and wax. All surfaces are lightly sanded, then cleaned with a high pressure washer, and finally, waxed and polished. Professional car detailing companies will also use a detailing clay bar to apply automotive rubber cleaner to clean all interior components, including door jambs, vinyl windows, dashboard, headliner, trim, and doorframes. The clay bar is also used to apply exterior detailing clay to vehicles’ doors, trunk, and grill. This method helps remove buildup, rust, and dirt from the edges of windows and doors. A detailing clay bar leaves your car with a professional shine and maximum protection.

The wheels of your vehicle undergo similar treatments at the paintwork stage. Professional car detailers will wash, wax, polish, and clean the wheels, using detailing clay, detailing spray, and brushes. The vehicle is then prepared for paintwork. The paintwork is often done on an interior paint booth, where brushes and roller covers are used to apply paint to the vehicle. The final step is a comprehensive paint roll where the wheels, hub caps, wheel spats, tires, and other details are detailed.

Microfiber wheels are great for car detailing because they can be washed in the washing machine and dry quickly. Microfiber is soft, gentle, yet cleans and protects at the same time. Wiping the wheels with a microfiber mitts after every washing is a great way to keep them looking fresh and new.

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