Outdoor Lighting Designs – How To Make Your Home Shine

A successful outdoor lighting plan is a collaborative effort between a professional lighting design company and the home owner. During your in-home consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives you will discuss your individual preferences, your business needs, and what you need to light. This planning will involve your landscape, security considerations, and whether your outdoor areas are accessible or non-accessible to you or your guests. You may also want to include other concerns such as lighting for emergency situations, adequate lighting for outdoor events, safety features, lighting for special events like weddings or parties, or emergency evacuation routes.

Lighting Outdoor areas such as a garden or patio need to be illuminated in order for them to be functional and appealing to visitors, residents, and potential clients. The best outdoor lighting designs provide safety and security by using the correct number of lights and bright, attractive light fittings. Garden lighting can be particularly problematic and should include motion sensors and photoelectric bulbs in high-light areas. Residential lighting can be more subtle than commercial lighting and typically includes low-voltage LED lighting, rope lighting, fixtures that attach to the ceiling, wall mounted lights or hanging lights.

Security Lighting Outdoor security lighting can protect your home and business from trespassers and help you determine entry routes into your property. The most effective outdoor lighting designs incorporate motion detection devices and dummy cameras. Some homeowners also choose to install exterior lights that flash in an distracting fashion to draw attention to passing vehicles or animals. There are many types of security lighting available including post, rope, flood, and spot lights, to name a few.

Wall Lighting Post lights are decorative outdoor lighting products that can transform your property’s exterior. They are generally placed on a tripod or stand and are then secured to a sturdy surface. Popular post lighting products include rope lights, flood lights and spot lights. Wall lights are perfect for apartments, condominiums, townhouses and other multi-family residences. You can add style and charm with a series of wall lights that illuminate the exterior of your home.

Landscape Lighting is very popular and provides versatility and convenience. They can significantly enhance your outdoor space and give you the opportunity to enjoy the landscape view. Landscape lighting designs generally use low-voltage, energy-efficient LED lighting products that are versatile and very long-lasting. Some landscape lighting designs have motion sensors that will automatically turn the lights on once they are detected by the sensor.

If you’re ready to launch your own lighting business, these outdoor lighting designs are a great place to start. You’ll be amazed at the variety of unique fixtures and styles available. Your new business will be a one-of-a-kind. Start your research today and plan your outdoor lighting designs to meet your specific needs.

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